A Guide to Ankle Bracelets for Women

23 Aug 2012

Women from different cultures around the world have been wearing anklets bracelets for women for centuries.

In earlier times, Ankle Bracelets for Women were a way of signifying ones status while more recent trends see the anklet as a way to accessorize and show off the leg area. These days, women have the option of wearing ankle bracelets for women to match the rest of their wardrobe or their individual personality.

Ankle bracelets for women have been around for centuries. However, the anklets popularity in the US has only increased during the latter parts of the 20th century. The significance of ankle bracelets for women varies depending on the culture. Women who intend to wear ankle bracelets should be aware of how to properly wear the accessory in order to avoid getting into trouble or offending other people.


Some of the first cultures that used anklets were the Sumerians, the Egyptians and the Indians. Sumerian women wore anklets to indicate how wealthy they were. In ancient Egypt, members of the royal family wore ankle bracelets that included precious metals and stones. For the rest of the populace, wearing a bracelet was a means to ward off evil spirits. In India, wearing ankle bracelets for women is a common tradition during weddings. The anklets are intricately designed with bells, chains or charms with precious stones embedded.

Types and Options

Ankle bracelets for women come in many shapes, sizes and designs. They can be made from gold, silver, other metals or even leather. Women can choose from simple anklet bands or those that include precious stones, beads or even conch shells.

Tips on Etiquette

Much like other types of jewelry, anklets are worn to bring ones attention to the legs and ankle area. Avoid wearing bulky clothing or pantyhose. These will conceal the anklet. Instead, wear shorts, shorter pants, sundresses or skirts. Clothing with simple patterns can help draw the attention to the leg area and the anklet itself.

As a leg accessory, it should complement the choice of shoes. For instance, try wearing thin anklets made of gold or silver with stilettos. You may need to rub some lotion on your legs before wearing the anklets. This will make your legs appear smoother and sexier.

Although there are ankle bracelets for women that are made from gold, silver or other precious metals, they are not considered formal accessories. It is rare to find people wearing them during formal social gatherings. Women should also avoid wearing them to work as they are not considered professional.

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